Florian Baumann studied Electrical Engineering with a focus on Computer Engineering at the Leibniz University of Hannover. He received his Dipl.-Ing. in March of 2012. Since May of 2012 Florian Baumann was working towards a doctor’s degree (Dr.-Ing.) in the group of Prof. Rosenhahn at the eNIFE. His research interests are machine learning, image processing, automated image interpretation and computer vision, e.g.:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • AdaBoost algorithm for object detection.
  • Random Forest for (multiple) object detection.
  • Deep Learning and CNNs
  • Human action recognition.
  • Mobile object detection with iOS and Android devices.

In August 2015, Florian Baumann received his Dr.-Ing. focusing on Machine Learning applied to Scene Understanding using Machine Learning techniques. Since September 2015, he was working as a Technical Team Lead Engineer and since April 2016, Florian Baumann is working as a Vision Systems Lead in the field of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems at ADASENS Automotive GmbH.
Florian Baumann is responsible for requirements engineering, support in on-going RFQs and technical representative from ADASENS and FICOSA regarding vision algorithms. He is the contact person between OEMs and TIER1/TIER2 for defining, discussing and tracking of requirements and further, responsible of finding and reviewing ADAS software suppliers.